Welcome to our Website! Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP is a full service law firm dedicated to providing high standard legal services. As you peruse through the pages of this website, please keep in mind that we are here to serve you. Our practice areas consist of Personal Injuries (PI), Removal Defense under U.S. Immigration Law, Real Estate Transactions, Criminal Law, Divorce Law and Employment Discrimination. Our attorneys are experienced in well-qualified and have years of practicing before the state, federal and immigration courts. Our international partners practicing in foreign countries such as Haiti, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic are of the highest caliber. We constantly recruit new lawyers abroad to service our clients in extrajurisdictional areas when it comes to our international law practice.

Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP also provides international litigation support to other law firms by providing discovery expertise in foreign languages such as French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our attorneys have expertise in drafting legal documents in foreign languages. We also provide high quality translation services to law firms involved in international litigation.

Please keep in mind that we welcome your questions and that issues brought to our attention are kept confidential. Feel free to submit a request for a consultation and one of our attorneys will get back to you within a reasonable time. You can reach us at Abby-services.

We look forward to your questions.

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