Family and Matrimonial

Family and Matrimonial Law

We, at Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP, provide compentent legal representation in divorce cases. It is never advisable to proceed through a divorce pro se. There are always some elusive issues, which the litigant without legal training, may overlook and thereby, reducing the chances of a good outcome to the litigation. Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP provide economically efficient divorce services for both people involved in uncontested divorce matters as well as contested divorce matters. In some instances, depending on the financial situation of the litigant, Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP may consider providing a fee discount to the client.

Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP also work with attorneys throughout the world in order to effectuate service upon defendants who are residing in foreign countries. Our contacts and relationships abroad make it convenient for us to help clients with the enforcement of judgments, where some of the matrimonial assests are located abroad. If you are thinking of divorcing, please do not hesitate to contact one of our attorneys. You can submit a consultation right on this page and an attorney will get back to you.

Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP also provides divorce services to military personnel. This is a very specialized area, which requires the assistance of very competent counsel. In addition to the matrimonial skills of our attorneys, they possess experiences in ERISA, which also come in handy in complex divorce litigation.

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