Real Estate

Real Estate Services

Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP understands the real estate business inside and out. The firm’s foundation has been since its inception the representation of buyers of residential property as well as commercial real estate transactions. Steering clients through the high points and the low points of several decades of industry cycles, our sound legal counsel has worked to create some of the most successful real estate projects in New York .

The attorneys at Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP know the real estate business. They understand what drives the market, and are able to fashion responses quickly and efficiently to enable clients to deal with challenges and prospects. Our experience in every facet of the real estate practice is what really makes us unique. We represent clients in every facet of real estate law, from zoning and planning to financing, development, acquisitions and sales.

Pre-fabricated Houses

In addition to providing services to sellers and buyers of houses domestically, Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP assist clients in the purchase and importation of pre-fabricated houses. This services is provided to domestic and international buyers. The purchase of a pre-fabricated house can save individuals as well as businesses tens of thousands of dollars. However, given the complexities of import-export transactions, it is important that you have experience professionals who can deliver.

Providing competent and comprehensive real estate counsel and offering a full service network of qualified individuals in all areas of the law, Rouzard & Rouzard, LLP provides unparalleled support, depth and resources for client needs in the new millennium.

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